Arm Protection

Arm Tucking/Protection Sleeve Pair

  • Sleeves provide pre-formed 360° padded protection for the arm and hands.
  • Sleeves allow easy access to IV sites for Anesthesia providers.
  • Sleeves easily accommodate blood pressure cuffs and IV tubing.
  • Sleeves are single-patient use and are latex free.
  • Sleeves do not require any Velcro for securement.


Case Pack: 3 Pair

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Arm Protector Pair

  • Arm Protector Pair, 22” x 18” x 1”
  • Velcro straps for securement of protective foam around the patient’s arm.
  • Soft, cosmetic foam layer minimizes skin irritation.


Case Pack: 10 Pair

Integrated Arm Tucking and protection


Wing Dimensions: 24″ Long x 24″ Wide

Case Pack: 4


Wing Dimensions: 24″ Long x 16″ Wide

Case Pack: 4

  • Provides all of the features and benefits of our PrimePad® Series, with the added feature of integrated arm tucking and protection Wings.
  • Allows the Anesthesia provider easy access to the IV site, and Wing material allows for channeling of IV tubing and pulse oximetry cables by tearing a window or slit in the Wing material.
  • The integrated arm tucking and protection offers patient safety and clinical staff ease of use and convenience in patient positioning for lithotomy/steep Trendelenburg.
  • Any excess or unnecessary Wing material can be removed by simply tearing it, and it easily tears in a linear plane.
  • The Wing material can be used to either fully encapsulate the patients’ arms, or they can be used to simply pad the patients’ arms, depending upon hospital protocol.
  • Eliminates the need to use a draw sheet for arm tucking and allows for 100% patient contact with the pad.

Integrated Arm Tucking and Protection in use